Orthopedica Inner Soles

Orthopedica Inner Soles are a device for your shoes, specially designed to restore the natural position of your feet and provide comfort. Each of our inner soles is handmade to get the perfect fit, using the best material for your comfort.

Sports Inner Soles

Orthopedica Sports Inner Sole is a durable sole, providing extra cushioning for the heel with built-in arch support for incredible comfort and shock absorption.

Casual Inner Soles

Orthopedica Casual Inner Sole is an ultra-thin durable sole with built-in arch support for improved comfort.

We can also make inner soles for any type of shoes, including safety boots, gumboots, slippers, and more. Book an appointment at our New Lynn clinic to learn more. The Specialist will take your footprint and advise you on what kind of orthopaedic inner soles or shoes will suit your needs.