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About Us


Orthopedica has over 45 years experience in Europe and New Zealand. We are happy to provide you with valuable services and advice about orthopaedic foot care and footwear related problems which can enhance your health.  

Orthopedica inner soles are orthopaedic devices for shoes, designed to support, align, prevent, or to help enhance comfort and function. Support arches, maintain a good foot function and body posture, avoid foot injury, prevent problems becoming worse etc. We are able to assist you to achieve better health through proper orthopaedic foot care & footwear, with customised hand-made orthopaedic inner soles, orthopaedic shoes and many other orthopaedic products. We offer you in addition special exercises for general well being (including feet, legs and back).
We offer you in addition special exercises for general well being (including feet, legs and back). So why don't you call us to find out more.

Orthopedica's vision is to provide every family with happy feet, knees and back to the best of our abilities. To achieve that we utilise our extensive experience and constant research to make our services better. 

We build our future with your future and the future of your healthy and happy feet, because we realise that if our feet are not happy our whole body suffers as a result. Our commitment is to continue providing a high standard of service to our customers and improve their health.

If you wish to find out more about Orthopedica please  
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