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 Welcome to our home of Orthopedic

Foot Care & Footwear Clinic 

You were likely referred to this site by your local health professional, your family or friends. So what is this all about, you might be wondering.
We are Private Orthopedic Foot Care & Footwear Clinic whose aim is to do all that is in our power to help you deal with your orthopedic issues. But to gain a deeper insight we would like to encourage you to browse through our website for a start.
Orthopedica Clinic is an ACC Provider which gives you the comfort of our service and products. With over 45 years experience in Europe and New Zealand, we are happy to provide you with valuable service and advice about orthopedic foot care and footwear related problems which can enhance your health and well being. (We are not Podiatrists)
We urge you to call  or leave message now to book an appointment!
Thank you for taking an interest in our services. Myself and my team are looking forward to seeing you in the near future!

Yours faithfully,

Mr. George Nelson

Managing Director & Owner
Dip.Physical Therapy, Dip.Pod.(

Orthopedic Foot Care & Footwear Specialist   






Take care of your health!

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